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Frequently Asked Questions[FAQ]

We constantly strive to make our site easily accessible to our clients however, we truly understand that it will take time to get used with our design. Please click here to see our Site Map.

Alternatively, you can use the search bar on the front page of the site to search for products. If further assistance is needed, you can reach us via our Whatsapp line +2348288765061. 

We can as well assist to process an order for you at the back end to safe some time. Kindly call or chat with us on +2348188765061 or send us a mail at . We promise to attend to you as soon as possible.

To make any corrections on any of your personal details[name, address etc.], login to your account and the first option you'll see is to edit your account. If you're on the homepage section, move the mouse or click on account option at the top and you will see a drop-down menu giving options on things you can do on your account including edit option. You can also make necessary editing on your account details at checkout section. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

Your safety is paramount to us. We have tried our best to ascertain that our online store is safe for you in all ways. All necessary encryption had been done and we can assure you we are very safe to do business with. Please, do not send your card details or password to anyone portraying him/herself as JustPay-NG's staff, partner, vendor, supplier or agent. We will never ask you for such information by email or through any medium where you will not be in total control of every of your secret information.

To us, A-Code means Authorization Code.

As part of our efforts to ensure you're secured all-round the cycles of your transactions with us, we have taken a step further to include what we call an A-Code[Authorization Code] on our shipping note. What this implies is that you will be required to give this to the delivery officer upon successful delivery of your order. This is actually for the delivery officer to be able to prove to us beyond reasonable doubt that your order had been delivered to the right hands. This code will always be useful should you want your item delivered to anyone of your choice as whoever has the code will be able to take delivery with little or no additional verification. You can create the code at the point of registering or creating your account on our website or later on. You can always change this code as frequently as you want.

To view, create or change your A-Code later(after your initial account registration or during delivery or at any time you need to change or use it, login to your account, in your dashboard area, click the first option that says "edit your account information", the A-Code creation space is just at the bottom of the interface), If you are at the homepage or on any page of our website and not at your account dashboard area, then look up and look at the account icon, click on it and you'll be taken to your account dashboard area. The approach here is just for us to have a question and answer that only you and JustPay-NG have access to. In as much as we have made the input open, we advice that you make your A-Code a minimum of 6-digits and maximum of 10-digits. Your A-Code can be number, letter, special character or combination of all as you so choose. 

No. We have made transacting with us so easy for you that you can place your order and check out without registering using "Guess Checkout" option. 

However, we will encourage all our clients to register on our website whenever they have the time so that checking out will be much more easier later on.

Please note that you can place your order true our WhatsApp channel as well. We are just a chat away at +2348188765061.

Yes, you can. This is one of the reasons we have made a question button available on every product on our store. With the question button, you can communicate directly with us. Please note that this price negotiation privilege is not applicable to all products. It applies more on bulk or wholesales purchases where we can decide to give certain discount and on few other single products but you can always reach out for further clarifications.

Please, also note that you can reach out to us if you feel that the shipping fee displayed for your area is abnormally high or far above your expectations. We also give discounts on shipping fee on case by case basis. 

We have two forms of delivery/shipping plans. The first is the regular Subsidized shipping package while the second is Express shipping package. Our regular subsidized shipping package is available to many states and locations in Nigeria but the Express shipping package is available to Lagos and Ogun states only. If you reside within these two states and one or any of this packages is not displayed as your shipping options, kindly reach out to us and we would look into the possible causes faster than you could ever imagine. Please click here to read more about our shipping/delivery packages.

The best place to go authentic information about our latest promotions is from us through email mostly. To be sure you're part of the list of people that we would first send mails to in this regard, please subscribe to our Newsletter. You will find the Newsletter subscription at the right hand side of the footer or bottom section on any page.

No. Not for now.

We will certainly do that in the very nearest future but not at this time. All our items for now will be prepaid. Have any suggestions for us on this? Please use the contact us option below.

To read our return policy, please click here.

Feel free to reach out to us for further inquiries.

To maintain a balance between safety and convenience of our clients, we have partnered with some payment providers. We accept the following payment methods:

1] Bank Transfer

2] Paystack(Cards, USSD, Bank)

3] Paypal

We will strongly recommend the bank transfer option if you have a mobile bank App. The only reason is because it delivers payment faster than any other platform.

Every of our acceptable payment options is available at the checkout section with their respective instructions. You can always chat with us for further assistance/inquiries.

We have made every possible efforts to ensure people from many areas of business activities can partner with us and the process for you to become one of our partners has been made very easy. 

Please go through the various ways by which you can partner with us here.

Our online shopping activities is within Nigeria for now and to ensure you get items/products as soon as possible, we have partnered with local logistics services providers.

We are also open to partnership with other logistics companies as soon as it's necessary.

We majorly adopt Weight-Location based shipping method in order to ensure our clients get a perfect deal for their orders. With this, we also consider items volume and total amount of items purchased on our shipping costing method.

We are always concerned with how you will get the best from us at reasonable costs while we strive to maintain a balance between what will keep us in business. We do both Standard and Express shipping within certain locations. Our full delivery information could be found here.

For further inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to us via call, chat or email.

Timely delivery of order is one of our major priorities. The time it would take your order to arrive depends on your location for now.

Within Lagos, order arrival is within 2-3 business days. Outside Lagos takes within four business days.

We will mostly communicate any peculiar circumstance.

If your order is taking longer than necessary, you can always reach out to us, we are a chat away.

Think a question is not or shouldn't be on this FAQs list?

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