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Brand: Hisense Model: RF302DR | JPFRFS001
Refrigerators have so much become an important part of our daily living as they make life easy for us at work, home, event centres and at so many other fun-filled places and at JustPay-NG, we have selected so many refrigerators from top manufacturers of household items for you.Part of the quality..
Brand: Hisense Model: FC-190SH | JPFRFS003
This is a durable freezer with the following main features: *145 L *Fast Freezer *Power Indicator Function *White*Cooling Technology: Defrost *Energy Rating: A *Temperature Control: Mechanical *Refrigerant Gas: R600A *Easy Cleaning *Convenient Defrost Drain Specifications *Power Swit..
Brand: Hisense Model: FRZ FC 250SH
Hisence Chest Freezer is a very reliable alternative offering you high performance in freezing your food items to keep them fresh, very efficient low energy consumption with an amazing low noise design. Specifications KEY FEATURES 189 Liters R600 GAS Fast Freezer Power Indicator Function Glas..
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