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Quality Bedsheet

Quality Bedsheet
Quality Bedsheet
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  • Model: JPTOBS102
  • Weight: 2.20kg
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Quality and colorful bed sheet in different sizes.

Number of pillowcase With Available Sizes
3/6 bed size = one pillow case(This is a student sized bed sheet)

4/6 bed size= two pillow cases
4/6 bed size=four pillow cases
6/6 queens size, family size bed sheet with four pillow cases. This contains two people comfortably (4 by 6 to 6/6). It comes with 2 to four pillow cases depending on your choice 
6/7 bed size = four pillow cases
6/7 bed size= two pillow cases
7/7 Kings size, family size bed sheet with four pillow cases

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