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VT Foam Mattress[6 X 6 X 10+]

VT Foam Mattress[6 X 6 X 10+]
VT Foam Mattress[6 X 6 X 10+]
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  • Model: VT/JPVTMT003
  • Weight: 19.00kg
  • Lagos: Ogun
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If you have been in search of quality Foam Mattress that restores the body system within a few minutes of resting, then VT Foam, a product of VT Foam Tech Company Limited is a perfect choice to make.

VT Foam is a fully padded, fabric-wrapped and fun-filled quality Mattress that comes with a reasonable number of years of warranty ranging from 2 to 10 years.

Making VT Foam Mattress your best of choices can never be a mistake. 

This Foam Mattress comes in different sizes and colors. Please, check the "available Options" section to see the available colors. 

Kindly note that we deliver this product to Lagos and Ogun states for the moment. However, inquiries can be made on availability at other locations for sizes not within the ones listed under the "available options" section. 

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